Pashmina (better known as cashmere) is the diamond fibre from the peak of Himalayas. The pashmina fibre is derived from cashmere goat locally known as Chyangra and scientifically known as Capra Hircus, which is native to the Himalayan belt around and above 14000 feet above sea level. These fibres especially located under the neck, armpits and the belly area of the goats. These fine hair lies beneath the outer thicker wool of the goats. It is an extremely complicated technique to extricate pashmina from the beds of these outer thicker fibres as these fibres are deeply embedded. Pashmina emerges only after the fibres are cleaned up to cent percent purity before hand spinning. The specialty of pashmina is that it grows more softer with use and is one of its kind that cannot match with any yarn existing in the world. Besides the softness, it has an exotically silky texture, weightless, lightness but possess superwarmth. Wearing it next to the skin provides a uniquely titillating experience which is described as sensual sublimity.

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