Import of raw materials (silk and cashmere yarns)

Cashmere (Pashmina) Cones
Silk cones and dyed silk hanks

Silk and cashmere yarns require for royal pashmina industry is imported from China. We do always import yarn from only reputed companies. The lot of imported yarn is always accompanied by SGS certificate for assurance of the quality of the supplied material. Count of cashmere generally used in Royal Pashmina Industry: 28Nm Count of silk yarn generally used in Royal Pashmina Industry: 140Nm/2, 10Nm/2.

Weaving unit

Weaver on a loom

We are well equipped with handlooms with the production capacity of 20000 pieces of pashmina per month. Pashmina of different sizes, composition and designs are woven by highly skilled weavers under the strict supervision of experienced supervisors. Being the dwellers of the ancient city with rich craft tradition, what we generally do is blending the traditional craftsmanship of weaving with modern technology to give quality product with the reflection of traditional and cultural heritage.

Mending unit

Mending and Inspection

The woven pashmina are then carried to the mending unit.

Washing unit

The products are then hand washed using soap by the highly skilled and well trained laborers.


Washed products are thoroughly inspected before dyeing. The inspection is carried out by well trained labors.

Dyeing and finishing unit

The purpose of dyeing is to produce economically a uniform shade (single shade or mixed shade) without any variation in tone or depth. In order to fulfill this purpose, dyeing is carried out in an machine using imported dyestuffs and chemicals. The specialty of our dyeing is that the dyed materials are 100% colorfast and dyes chemicals used in dyeing are totally azo free. We do always use imported dyes and chemicals of reputed companies like Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy, BASF etc. Finally the products are pressed in a highly sophisticated steam pressing machine to impart the final finish to our products.


Final inspection of the finished products are carried out by the experts.


Finished products are then packed in the beautiful and attractive packages.

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