Width and length

The popular combinations of width and length are as follows

Shawl: 36" * 80"
Stole: 28" * 80"
Scarf: 22" * 78"
Half-shawl: 18" * 64"
Blanket: 60" * 100"
Muffler: 12" * 60"

Is the maximum width we can work with, while the length is unlimited. The length and width could be adjusted according to your requirements.


The variation of the composition of silk and pashmina generally produced at royal pashmina industry are

70/30 pashmina/silk 60/40 pashmina/silk 50/50 pashmina/silk These composition could be varied according to your needs. We also do produce 100% Pashmina.

Designs and Patterns

Besides different coloured, composition and size we do produce shawls of different designs and patterns with the help of jacquard. We also do produce beautifully embroidered products. Following pictures will represent few of our jacquard pattern products and besides these we can provide you with the products of your desired patterns.

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